New Scam Posing as Office 365

The security landscape is bad, and getting worse every day.  You need to be wary of messages that appear in your email inbox, particularly those that appear to come from Microsoft or another legitimate company with whom you do business.

  1. STOP
    Before even touching the mouse or keyboard, think, with skepticism: Is anything strange going on with my email right now?  Do I have any reason to believe this is true?
    Doesn’t Microsoft already have my password?  Why would they alert ME about “holding” messages or any other similar email issue?  Don’t I usually know I have an issue before a provider alerts me?
    If there is a problem, or if there’s about to be a problem, you’ll have another chance to rectify it.  If there is no problem, you’ve avoided giving control of your email, and probably a significant portion of your identity, over to a bad actor.  The pain of deleting a legitimate message is much less than that of creating a security incident.
    Finally, if you’re a Gilmore Solutions inFocus Managed IT client, call or submit a ticket to ask any questions you may have about this or any other message.

We put multiple layers of security in place and manage them every day, but the bad guys come from every direction, changing their tools and tactics with amazing frequency. We’re in this security game together, fighting on the same side against the bad guys!