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Automation, Security, and the Growth of Managed IT with Gilmore’s Vice President of Operations, Rob Louquet

Rob Louquet knows digital security. Throughout his career in IT services, Louquet has seen security turn from a niche IT concern into an everyday conversation across a wide range of business categories. As Gilmore’s Vice President of Operations, Louquet provides strategic leadership to all of Gilmore’s operations and is tasked with improving processes, scaling growth, and keeping Gilmore at the forefront of digital security expertise. 

We asked Rob to share some of his insights and experiences in managed IT, and why he thinks Gilmore is uniquely positioned to answer our customers’ security needs. 

How can a Managed Service Provider help a business capitalize on new or missed opportunities? 

Early in my career, I realized that at its core, IT is just a means of automating process. For instance, where we used to hand address newsletters to customers, we now use email with automated delivery to recipients. This understanding of IT as a function of automation really helps to identify gaps and opportunities in any businesses’ core processes. As a strategic IT consultant, Gilmore can come alongside a business, develop an understanding of existing processes and then help to tighten up areas where there may be redundancies, or build new efficiencies that free up staff to focus on bigger goals like revenue growth or product innovation. 

What common challenges do you see customers dealing with on a day-to-day basis and what can Gilmore do to help? 

It’s certainly true that from a certain perspective, technology is always changing. Merely keeping up with software updates or the latest hardware releases can be a challenge for a lot of companies. One of the most important roles of a Managed Service Provider is to partner with our client and help them manage through those changes, to be an expert on their side that can discern the right tools for their goals. 

This is even more important when it comes to staying on top of the latest security trends. It hasn’t gotten any easier to secure data, and a lot of businesses struggle with external threats and the additional challenge of keeping their staff informed of the latest best practices for digital security. Gilmore’s focus on security as a primary component of managed services brings our clients’ businesses into alignment with the latest and best practices in digital security. 

Where do you see IT moving in the next few years? 

In the next three to five years, more businesses will be moving their data and daily operations to the cloud, taking on software as a service and, of course, needing more security. As far as managed IT as a professional field, this is where our focus is moving. At Gilmore, we’re always looking at the next five-year period and thinking about how we can keep providing continual improvement in project and service delivery. 

As technology continues to evolve, we’re shifting more of our own resources into research and development in order to intelligently provide the right solutions to our customers. Managed service is currently in a growth stage, and as we take on more customers, we’re scaling our offerings to accommodate a wider variety of business types. Security will always be top of mind for Gilmore—it’s at the core of what we do—but we’re also ready for anything else that comes along. Our main passion is helping our customers succeed, and if you ask around, I think you’ll find out that we’re pretty good at that. 

Gilmore can help your business succeed. Visit our website to learn more, or call 620-278-3600 to schedule a free consultation.

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