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5 Ways Managed IT Can Improve the Way You Do Business

Managed Service Providers address a number of practical business needs including cost effectiveness and reliable data security, but does practicality alone explain the recent rapid growth in this sector of the technology industry? In 2019, the concentration of MSPs in the marketplace is expected to nearly double its impact from 2014--going from just over 100 billion dollars worldwide to nearly 200 billion dollars. This is a clear indication that an increasing number of businesses are viewing MSPs as more than a convenience. Rather, managed IT is becoming an essential partner in successful business ventures.

How will a relationship with a Managed Service Provider impact your bottom line? While specific results will vary from industry to industry, there are a few common ways managed IT services can enhance the health of any business. 

Improve Network Security

Unless your business is data security, you’re probably only aware of a small percentage of potential network threats. Staying abreast of the latest best practices can mean the difference between operating a thriving business and shutting down for hours or days while a cyberattack is resolved. Rather than face the overwhelming challenge of protecting data and handling network security alone, many businesses are choosing to partner with a managed IT company to protect their digital assets. 

Ease the Burden on IT Staff

Partnering with a managed IT company doesn’t mean getting rid of existing IT staff. In fact, a majority of companies who enlist the help of an MSP retain or even grow their already existing IT departments. 

Working with an MSP is really about easing the workload of daily tasks and freeing up your IT department to focus on achieving large strategy goals for your business. While a managed IT provider takes care of the day-to-day business of keeping systems running without interruption, making software upgrades and implementing security improvements, your IT department can get back to work growing your business.

Rely on a Community of Experts

MSPs have seen it all, sometimes literally. Most in-house IT staff members have spent a lot of time in a single industry, which is great for cultivating an in-depth base of knowledge, but not always the best when it comes to out-of-the-box or innovative thinking. Because MSPs tend to work across a wide range of industries, they can bring broad experiences to bear on problems and often find unique or creative solutions

Drive Business Growth

The ability to scale and apply just as much expertise as is needed is a big benefit of using an MSP. During periods of accelerated growth, the temptation to slow down or even stay in one place to avoid costly staff increases can easily become an obstacle to positive momentum. Through working with an MSP, you can rely on consistent service that scales up when you need it, and for less investment than hiring new staff. 

Businesses may also have new, additional or unanticipated IT needs during periods of growth, from hardware to software security. An MSP will help develop a sound strategy for accommodating growth smartly and safely

Enjoy Cost Effectiveness

The benefits of partnering with an MSP can positively impact your business’s bottom line for years to come. The improved productivity that results from staying current with software and hardware upgrades is just one plus for your pocketbook. Fewer security issues means less downtime and less money spent on recovery in the event of a serious breach or hack, and the increased ability of in house IT staff to focus on growing your business each make a serious case for enlisting the help of a MSP. 

In the end, the best way to evaluate whether or not it’s time for your business to seek out a partnership with an MSP is to take the first step and explore the possibilities in an onsite consultation. 

Searching for the right Managed Service Provider for your company? Give Gilmore a call and schedule a free consultation today.  Call 866-978-3600 or email -- we’d love to hear from you.

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