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Gilmore Blog

Meet Mac Stephenson, Director of Operations

Gilmore’s Director of Operations, Mac Stephenson, oversees our Operations team--nearly a dozen of our brightest techs--for each of our Kansas locations. His interests in security help inform our own proactive best practices. Mac also has a keen eye for brilliant people: his goal is to find techs that fit Gilmore’s culture of service and mission to improve the lives of our clients. We asked Mac to describe a few elements of Gilmore’s service philosophy.

How do you respond to service requests?

“Our goal is a quick response time and quick resolution. We'll get in touch within 15 minutes and same-day resolutions are common. No matter the length of time needed, we are in regular contact so customers always know what's happening and why."

What is proactive maintenance?

“Proactive maintenance is about recognizing issues before they become a problem, from software and firmware updates to automation. It's how we describe our service approach."

How do you minimize IT interruptions?

“We run updates overnight or do so in a way that's in the background. Our goal is to allow people to do what they love doing, to perform their jobs and be operational to the fullest extent without technology getting in the way of their success.”

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