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Clean Out Your Computer

It’s well worth it to carve out 30 minutes to an hour to go through your computer to organize and get rid of old files. We’ve provided some guidelines below to help you out and prevent you from deleting something important.

Guidelines to Clean Out Your Computer

  1. Organize Your Files and Folders
    Organizing your desktop icons in folders not only makes them easier to find, it also eliminates the need for your computer to refresh those icons when you restart it, and that speeds up the startup process. Also, consider limiting the number of files on your desktop. Instead, save all your files into a different folder in your documents and instead only have shortcuts of these folders on your desktop screen. The more files on the desktop, the slower it’s going to run.
  2. Delete Duplicate Files
    If you’ve downloaded something multiple times on accident, go through and delete the duplicate files. This will free up some space and help declutter. Don’t forget to clear your recycle bin after you’ve cleaned up.
  3. Restart Regularly
    Restarting your computer is like putting it down for a quick nap. It shuts off all of the applications running in the background and also closes the Web browser full of tabs you’ve had open for days. We recommend restarting your computer once a week.
  4. Clean Your Email Inbox
    Are you the type of person who doesn’t delete emails? Take time today to clean up your inbox and organize important emails by putting them into folders. If you delete emails, remember to delete them in the trash folder as well.
  5. Literally Clean Your Computer
    It may seem purely cosmetic but cleaning the dust and food particles off of your machine’s exterior can actually enhance its performance. Plus, it’s just good hygiene. Wipe down your computer screen and clean the keyboard by tilting it upside down to release any loose crumbs between the keys. If there are some stubborn particles in your keyboard, use an air duster to try and get them out. It’s also good to disinfect your keyboards every so often to get rid of germs that could be spread during the flu season.

If at any point you have a question about whether or not to delete something – submit a ticket! We’ll be happy to advise you what to stay away from. Happy Cleaning!

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