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Gilmore Blog

Meet Chris Schneider, Director of Business Development

Chris Schneider, Gilmore’s Director of Business Development, started with the company in 2006 and since then has overseen Gilmore’s growth from a two-person operation to a full-service IT firm with three locations across the state of Kansas. His role fulfills a passion for building relationships with clients and providing solutions. We recently asked Chris to share a few ways that Gilmore delivers outstanding service to our clients.


How will Gilmore work with my business?

“We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions. Everything we do is built to meet the specific needs of each business we serve. We want to be involved in growing companies—that’s a really good fit. When a company sees the value we bring from a technical standpoint, they trust we have their best interests and goals at the forefront.”

What is inFocus?

“Our process of assessment, collaboration, strategic planning and maintenance is called inFocus. It’s a full spectrum approach to managed IT that keeps our clients at the leading edge of technology while keeping their business’ goals front and center.”

How do you communicate with clients?

“When we partner with a business, we are their IT department, and we use a wide variety of tools to communicate. We proactively monitor our clients’ technology for issues so we can solve them before they happen. We’re involved in growing their businesses as invested collaborators, not just contractors.”

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