Phishing Scam Posing as Office 365

New Scam Posing as Office 365 The security landscape is bad, and getting worse every day.  You need to be wary of messages that appear in your email inbox, particularly those that appear to come from Microsoft or another legitimate company with whom you do business. STOP Before even touching the mouse or keyboard, think, with skepticism: Is anything strange going on with my email right now?  Do I have any reason to believe [...]

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INTERFACE 2018Last month, our High Plains Network Engineer, Jake Bishop, attended the INTERFACE Conference in Kansas City. INTERFACE is designed to help keep IT professionals up to date with the constantly changing world of information technology, from ransomware and the latest security threats, to needs for increased bandwidth and storage.We make it a priority to attend conferences like these to learn from and collaborate with other professionals in an effort to bring you the absolute [...]

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Clean Out Your Computer Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day Does your desktop look like the image above? Do you spend valuable seconds searching your desktop for the icon of the program you want? If you answered, "yes," to either, it might be time to declutter. You’re in luck! National Clean Out Your Computer Day is coming up on February 12, 2018. Carve out 30 minutes to an hour to go through your computer to organize and get rid [...]

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Tips to Starting Off the New Year Secure

Tips to Starting Off the New Year Secure Fraudulent emails and phishing scams are key factors in getting malware onto machines, and it’s projected to be a bigger concern in 2018 as malware becomes more complex and harder to identify. It’s going to be key, now more than ever, to follow some simple basic tips to stay secure in 2018. Security Tip #1: If you do not recognize the sender, do not open the [...]

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