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Tips to Starting Off the New Year Secure

Tips to Starting Off the New Year Secure Fraudulent emails and phishing scams are key factors in getting malware onto machines, and it’s projected to be a bigger concern in 2018 as malware becomes more complex and harder to identify. It’s going to be key, now more than ever, to follow some simple basic tips to stay secure in 2018. Security Tip #1: If you do not recognize the sender, do not open the [...]

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Don’t Wait to Submit a Ticket!

Don't Wait to Submit a Ticket We understand that issues – especially the small ones – can sometimes come up at inopportune times. It's easier to ignore them and make a note to submit a ticket the next time it comes up. Where's the harm in that, you ask? Well, something that might start out small and seemingly insignificant could turn into a much bigger problem if left unaddressed. Turning something that would take [...]

Open House in Garden City

We have been excited for our new location for quite some time, and it's about to become official. Join us on June 13th at our Garden City location for our ribbon cutting and open house! We will serve beer and hors d'oeuvres at the open house. Bring your business card for a chance to win an iPad Pro! See event details below: Ribbon Cutting and Open House Tuesday, June 13th 4:00-6:00PM 1601 E Mary [...]

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World Password Day

A good password is nothing without extra protection. This Password Day, give your passwords the gift of strong authentication. Time to #LayerUp Think a strong password is enough to keep your accounts safe? Think again. In 2016 alone, more than 3.1 billion user records, including passwords, were leaked online, millions of which ended up for sale on the dark web. If you didn’t know it already, you do now: It’s time to step up [...]